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Help! Help! I am literally overflowing with ideas

This is a quick one, but doubtless I’ll come back to it.

I need help, not ‘save my life’ type, or anything like that. I need help of the ‘how to make real any of these ideas’ type help.

I need help to realise all these endless awesome ideas (which I’m firmly not going to write up, yet).

I need a unit, a squad, a loose form team.

We need to be only cohesive enough to agree to do something and then raggedy and determinedly do it. What ever, in that moment it might be.

I suggest the book pictured. A fine thing, worth re-reading many times.

Try reading this, and then try it’s suggestions and try them again. That is, if you want to.

Objectives: Participate in demonstrating there is another way

This is a short, sharp post.

Things are changing. People now realise that now is the time.

And so, my life is, gently, purposefully, and fully dedicated to that overall objective.

We all need to show ourselves that out-and-out capitalism without care and without due attention is both rife and deeply detrimental.

Luckily the demonstration and making clear has already begun, and I can righteously join in.

Come with us.

Be radical: I’m not going to buy clothes

I’ve been trying to not buy food from all the wrong places, covered in plastic, for a while now. The big Tesco near us said today when I challenged them and their inactivity that they’d “put it on the ATC” and hopefully that would make a difference.

Materially, asking those questions of the those not doing anything is important, but we all need to go more radical. Actual change and fast. Thanks Greta, for being direct.

Going further

I’ve got my current clothes. I’ve got suits for smart work, I’ve got a bunch of shirts. I’ve got spare shoes – and those with the soles coming off.

No time for inventory.

No time – and not the right thing to do – to stock up on socks and pants and t-shirts.

How far, in years, can I go? How long will it last?

Makes you wonder, if you purposefully abdicate from the system, from just buying the poor quality goods, the inescapably irresponsible goods, how long you can make it, survive, live ok and not end up in trouble.

I met a young person the other day. Refusing jobs just as their PhD in clever neural network RNA processing was coming to an end. Refusing jobs, currently living on oats and very little else. Doesn’t want a job, as being paid is tantamount to sacrificing all ideals. So that was a) startling, and b) memorable and c) inspiring. Thank you, unnamed individual, I appreciated meeting you. And I will remember you living in a tent with just a few bits of key tech and a bike. Getting £5 a week from friends. That is hard living in London.

So my bit…

My attempt: no more buying clothes. Step out of that part of economy.

Maybe I’ll end up making clothes. And presumably the cloth with which to make them out of.

BLOGGED Mariusz Prusaczyk - Getty Images -179055044-1024x1024.jpg
Mariusz Prusaczyk – Getty Images

Let’s see.

Who the team needs: not Default Male

Not Default Male

I am – and I’ll say this, firmly and once – English, privileged, white, male. 38 years, from a decent family. That makes me Default Male. So in this current day and age, it is correct to compensate in the other direction(s). For more on Default Male – see Grayson’s book – the Descent of Man19 09 10 The Descent of Man - Grayson Perry - BLOGGED.

What the project and firm really needs is someone not at all like me.

And with ability to learn and be good at all sorts of stuff. Coding in general, multi-tasking, communication, being a decent human. The list is not really technical in focus, but technicals must be a strong part of it.

Super moral and demanding and ambitious

CondorGP’s aim of running ecosystems of trading-strategy-survival-machines may seem purely old-school, go make money fast and don’t care in it’s attitude. The moral angle is strong when we are clear about the long term, the why we do stuff.

Being able to start and run an effective finance AI firm is one thing. Knowing how to behave if it does work is quite another. And if Posco Consulting and CondorGP do really well, where will we take it.

To a place where we contribute heavily to changing the game, and contributing.

TBC on how, though as the founder, I’m full of ideas.


CondorGP works on / with the following:

  1. Java (for ECJ, the Evolutionary Computation in Java package)
  2. Windows and Linux (for day to day, and containerisation)
  3. Cloud (AWS, IBM)
  4. Eclipse, Git, Maven, Bitbucket
  5. Docker, Kubernetes
  6. Trello, Slack
  7. Amibroker, Interactive Brokers

7 Generations: Making a difference

I definitely need to follow up and confirm where this was really the case in Native American culture, but I heard a wonderful thing:

Native Americans would not do anything, if they could avoid it, that would harm their offspring, even if it affected their 7th Generation of offspring.

I.e. These people were thinking 150 years into the future. And considering what they were doing.

See a different sort of wigwam, sourced from Wikipedia:

19 09 10 - 1880 Apache_wickiup or wigwam - BLOGGED.jpg
By Rose, Noah H. –, Public Domain,

Contrast with today

It is hard, I think, in our modern 2019 world – especially in Western Society, to think of something that will not harm the 7 Generation. To be sure that is not the case, to know. That is nigh on impossible in our current world.

So, while that point is a strong one, to say the least – the contrast is indicative of something very wrong.

For your thought.

Thank you for reading.

Cold Showers: Making a difference

Not sure what the image could be for this post. Ah, I have it. Our (empty)OUR EMPTY SHOWER - IMG_20190910_092023 BLOGGED shower, of course.

I wanted to outline how radical my mindset has become in recent years. It’s fundamental to how I’m thinking about all sorts of things, if not everything.

In September / October 2017 (can’t be sure of the date), I started having only cold showers. I’ve had 2 or 3 hot showers since then, one after our eldest was born, and another when I had a nasty fever. I think those are the only 2.

But why, I hear you cry?

Well, simply, because I do not need hot showers. Hot water is expensive in terms of carbon, so less hot water usage is better. Also, my showers are now shorter than I would need to run the water until it goes hot. So less water usage.

Also, I can see easily where I’ve left grub and grime in the shower because my glasses aren’t all steamed up etc. So helpful too, to be more Making A Difference Everyday.

Condor GP aims (1)

This will be the first of a few posts about the CondorGP aims, as I hone my thinking, and how to express it.

Written once and with one edit:

  1. Demonstrate the power of genetic programming to deal with complex, non-linear data heavy problems, by trading on the financial markets
  2. Provide a positive income from this trading
  3. Provide this income in a stable way that can be perpetuated
  4. Achieve stable ongoing income by a design that minimises human input, hence minimising the subjectivity inherent in human input
  5. Provide this income for participants in our business model (e.g. investors, traders, licensees of our code)
  6. Provide this income for other parties, including myself and my family, and a broader socially focused group – in order to provide benefit to society
  7. Achieve these aims in a way that can be replicated so that we can multiply the process and achieve similar outcomes many times

I’ll follow up on the business model, of course, as we define it.

I’ll also follow up on the socially focused aims of CondorGP.