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Linux beginnings & straight into Docker containers

Now my friend Ed (see link below, no sponsored links so far), has been encouraging me to get on with Linux for a while.

Link to Ed’s Yeti tool, a portable CNC router here:

Last night, I was letting him know I was making progress… my wife, Ed and I all shared the easy joke that Linux looks like the Matrix. It’s also the future, and free.

19 10 01 BLOGGED Docker-Logo-White-RGB_Vertical-BG_0

Ed gave me a Raspberry Pi a while back. Not got to that recently.

What I have been doing, for the CondorGP project, is getting containers working, and immediately trying WineHQ, as I want to emulate Amibroker – classically and annoyingly, it’s a brilliant but Windows only program.

WineHQ highlights Amibroker as Silver on the current version:


So far so good. I can do all sorts of basics with Docker – using Docker Desktop (as I have a Windows machine and prefer not to boot back and forth the whole time).

I have WineHQ installed, and just trying to get Amibroker to actually run. Won’t be long I’m sure.

Next stop:

Kubernetes to run many containers, probably via Confluent, on AWS. That said, IBM conversations continue and Kubernetes would work there too. The major point of transferring operational ability to Linux and containerising it is to allow and IBM run too, if I decide we want to.




Seeking developers for crazy ambitious project

This set of questions was provided by KK on and is a useful set of initial requirements & information based on where this CondorGP project is.

Have a look through the rest of the blog, if you are interested. Links etc below.

Thanks for reading.

Cheers, Hugh19 10 01 BLOGGED Meetup KK Group


Brief description of your company / business / what you need the developer to build (and anything important that a developer should understand about the work):

See previous blog link:


Technology stack requirements (if you need advice on this, or are flexible, just state “open” here):


We will need to be flexible throughout our journey, and only knowing one part of the tech sphere and not being able to move will be antithesis of our approach.

A key skill requirement is the ability to quickly pick up other new languages, effectively and quickly (due time, effort and time expected).

Some information here too, see previous link here:


Time requirement (part-time, full-time, freelancer, permanent):

Part time freelancer ideally, later moving to be more permanent and full time as the project develops


Payment preference (cash, cash / equity, etc.):

Equity only initially, with strong potential for considerable cash later, once funded.

Good potential of additional work on other projects through my network too.


Preferred start date:

ASAP for the right candidate


Contact details (email, mobile etc.):

+44 (0) 7976 151 725

This blog:

Power of Frequency

Basics but important, I reckon.

Of course, the more you do or try something the better you’ll get at that thing.

One nuance I’m realising, which makes me smile, is that a little bit, often, makes the difference.

E.g. After early morning meditation and Qi Gong, then do pilates exercises.

Key point though, don’t try and do lots, just start doing it often. Every day 1 minute is was better than once a week 10 minutes.

Sure, by that maths the once a week gets more minutes in. But the 7 x 1 minute gives you 6 times more of more important bits: remembering to do it (it can be anything, right?), feeling good about doing it, building it into your routine, making a habit of it.

Those elements listed above are more important, much more important and helpful, than 3 extra minutes.

Hope useful.

Much love to everyone, thanks for reading.

Better being relaxed

So this feels really obvious, but it’s only very recently I’ve actually managed to make this work. Lots of people say this, and they are correct, but it’s also hard to actually do.

Be relaxed, in your life, be actually relaxed. Laugh, have fun. Be open to stuff happening in the world and enjoy what happens to you throughout the day.


There is no better thing, because once you realise you can be relaxed, then life is more fun. More interesting, more enjoyable.

Even in important work meetings, be relaxed.

Just ’cause everyone else isn’t being relaxed, can’t let themselves see the irony etc, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t.


There are moments when things are actually not fun, actually not cool etc. And enjoying those moments is super-hard.

Nonetheless, I recommend genuinely letting your shoulder’s drop.

For one thing, having a clear mind, having clarity, let’s you think more clearly and make the better choices.

No link sponsorship (yet!), but I deeply recommend you read:

The book used to be called: “Think less, achieve more” and now comes in a snazzy dark blue cover, but hey. The content when I read it 2 or 3 years ago has stuck, and is completely, completely precise in how useful and brilliant it is.

Techniques I recommend and use all the time

I will try (and fail) to keep this post updated with links to other useful posts about techniques. Rest assured I use each of these ‘on the regular’. See detail in each post – I won’t write about each one here for now.

Hope this is useful, cheers, Hugh.


Excellent routes to changing how you behave:

4 Affirmations that changed my world

Speak to Yourself To Create The Hypnosis Motivate To Success Formula (This one is not a post by me, but is useful)

Hot thoughts diary

Dragon Glass introduction


For mindfulness all day, the following techniques I find helpful:

The itchy jumper: Mindful all day technique

How to introduce mindfulness during your day

All day mindfulness

The itchy jumper: Mindful all day technique

Here’s another technique I use to remind myself to be mindful as much of my day as possible.

Right now, as I write good and early in the morning, I’m wearing one of my favourite, but old and still itchy as anything jumpers. This one happens to be from Galway or nearby o the west coast of Ireland, and I bought it 5+ years ago and it is green.

BLOGGED Green itchy jumper technique - 20190926_063509

Green is good, of course. So that is helpful too.

I might ramble a bit – but here’s the point:

The jumper is itchy, so that provides a minute by minute reminder to focus (in this case on my breath and my typing) and be in the moment. 

Turns out I can be mindful of where I’m sitting, of my breath, of what I mean as I type, of my fingers as I type and of you being ‘out there somewhere’ as readers – all as I write this sentence.

In places, I lose awareness of some of the list of things above, but I can always come back to the breath or my bum on the seat as soon as I realise.


A big thank you to Andy from Headspace for allowing me and encouraging me to understand this kind of thing. See (unpaid unsupported type) link here: – I highly recommend the way Andy introduces mindfulness practice.


How to introduce mindfulness during your day

This is a tricky one, but makes all the difference. If you can be mindful as you go about your day, many less difficulties come your way. And, overriding the benefit of avoiding negative stuff, is the unrealistically wonderful feeling enjoyment in almost everything. Now, that, that is worth it all. That much I have experienced myself.

Like in Bob Marley’s Redemption Song that is so well loved by me and so many others: “emancipate yourself from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our minds

So, the key step is how to be mindful all day long – how to free your mind, put you and your everything on a much better track.

Techniques then, are key. Try these alongside your daily formal mindful / meditation practice:

Post-it note on your laptop screen BLOGGED - Mindful days techniques 1 - 20190923

On the side of your laptop screen add a a bright colourful reminder. (other sticky paper available, and non-branded recommended – see kid’s birthday party invite sticker in picture…). The idea being that every time you look at your screen, or log in to you laptop, you will be reminded.

Flat stone in your shoe

Now, this is something that people often avoid – for good reason, it can be really sore or uncomfortable.

So pick a flat stone that won’t dig into your feet, and make sure to only keep in there for a little bit and swap it from place to place and foot to foot. If you are brave / radical enough to do this you’ve got a fine strong reminder.


NOTE: This is precisely the kind of thing that Jon Kabat-Zinn and Andy from Headspace talk about. Well worn and well honed types of techniques from thousands of years ago. Of course, now in a modern context. Stones less so, laptops and post-it notes certainly. Ha.

Enjoy folks, utterly worth it I can attest.