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See where we ended up!

Airbnb links below in case you want to come and stay.

This is the 360 video Anna took in January 2018, on our first visit.

The views. They are important.





And the place has a pair of Apartmentos, in an old barn. These rent out, and are lovely little cottages. 1 up, 1 down, each with a woodburning stove and mini kitchen, double bed and en-suite bathroom. Whoop, whoop.

Here are the Airbnb links: Casina Giranes and El Nido.

11a View from back of El Polleru - House corner, horreo, apartamentos rural

Come and stay, the place is fantastic. Great fresh light mountain air, great walking, lovely food, fantastic friendly people.


My initial page for Posco Asturias

See below a brief, if mildly odd, explanation of the Posco Asturias element:

Essentially, Anna and I will buy a place in the Asturias, Northern Spain. Probably look to rent it out some or most of the time, and look to spend as much time as we can there so we can enjoy the mountains, the seaside, the people, the food and learn Spanish. And of course, learn about Spanish wine.

Acqui, vista de La Casa Panoramica:



'Posco' means 'challenge' – we try difficult things. And enjoy ourselves

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