I hope very much that the below is some sort of explanation. It makes sense to me, but my thinking is my own…

‘Posco’ in Latin means ‘challenge’. I picked this a good while ago for my fledgling consultancy project (see back to http://www.poscoconsulting.com), that attempted to do difficult things, and did not go anywhere very fast. No surprise really, what I set out to do was challenging – make no mistake!

I mean, of course it didn’t happen quickly.

Also, it turns out that I’m not just interested in doing one difficult thing, but (a bunch) more than one. As you will note from the unusual list of activities…

And they all fit together, loosely, in a way that I see as a unified, in a way that helps me, and us together, to lead the enjoyable life we seek. Fun, relaxed, busy with many good things, varied, and not tied to anything in particular unless desired.

I have little doubt that the combination of activities, with the exception of them all ‘being challenging’ will not immediately make sense to readers. These are the activities I have assembled during my life so far as interests.

For example, learning Spanish – this underpins the wine and Asturias plans. And is rooted in a visit with my now wife, Anna, to Patagonia, and my brother and youngest sister learning Mandarin and German respectively.

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'Posco' means 'challenge' – we try difficult things. And enjoy ourselves

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