Linux beginnings & straight into Docker containers

Now my friend Ed (see link below, no sponsored links so far), has been encouraging me to get on with Linux for a while.

Link to Ed’s Yeti tool, a portable CNC router here:

Last night, I was letting him know I was making progress… my wife, Ed and I all shared the easy joke that Linux looks like the Matrix. It’s also the future, and free.

19 10 01 BLOGGED Docker-Logo-White-RGB_Vertical-BG_0

Ed gave me a Raspberry Pi a while back. Not got to that recently.

What I have been doing, for the CondorGP project, is getting containers working, and immediately trying WineHQ, as I want to emulate Amibroker – classically and annoyingly, it’s a brilliant but Windows only program.

WineHQ highlights Amibroker as Silver on the current version:


So far so good. I can do all sorts of basics with Docker – using Docker Desktop (as I have a Windows machine and prefer not to boot back and forth the whole time).

I have WineHQ installed, and just trying to get Amibroker to actually run. Won’t be long I’m sure.

Next stop:

Kubernetes to run many containers, probably via Confluent, on AWS. That said, IBM conversations continue and Kubernetes would work there too. The major point of transferring operational ability to Linux and containerising it is to allow and IBM run too, if I decide we want to.




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