Cold Showers: Making a difference

Not sure what the image could be for this post. Ah, I have it. Our (empty)OUR EMPTY SHOWER - IMG_20190910_092023 BLOGGED shower, of course.

I wanted to outline how radical my mindset has become in recent years. It’s fundamental to how I’m thinking about all sorts of things, if not everything.

In September / October 2017 (can’t be sure of the date), I started having only cold showers. I’ve had 2 or 3 hot showers since then, one after our eldest was born, and another when I had a nasty fever. I think those are the only 2.

But why, I hear you cry?

Well, simply, because I do not need hot showers. Hot water is expensive in terms of carbon, so less hot water usage is better. Also, my showers are now shorter than I would need to run the water until it goes hot. So less water usage.

Also, I can see easily where I’ve left grub and grime in the shower because my glasses aren’t all steamed up etc. So helpful too, to be more Making A Difference Everyday.

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