Every day value, 109 days in

Well, I learnt the obvious lesson again the other day, so thought I’d write it up.

Simple enough, and a well worn lesson too.

109 days of mindful formal practice, no matter how short, and the day I do not practice (and lose my run record) is the one where I am argumentative, provocative and not in a good way and clearly lost any chance of choosing how to behave.

It’s been common enough, for me, to skip a day now and then, until about 3 years ago.

About 9 months ago, I reached my 378 day run record. Nothing especially clever about that, takes determination, and a genuine understanding of the value daily practice.

How good are you at choosing a better response to a situation? Compare when you’ve been meditating daily for 6 months v before.

Now, the other day, I had a combination of events that contributed to me allowing myself. I still let myself to be annoying, right. It was a harder choice after a fever filled 3 days, once of which I worked hard through. And we had to pack for our massive trip to thr Asturias, basically moving abroad for ages. And we weren’t doing it as my muscles were shaking inside most of the day and I felt horrible. Hence the picture of the roofbox on our hatchback Toyota hybrid.

And much harder as I hadn’t meditated that morning, and thereby set up my day to just ease off any edge, and set me up to be better able to choose.

Every day has massive value

So, to reiterate, I recommend every single day, even if 5 minutes (longer is better, no doubt), and first thing, or a close to actually before anything else as is possible. E.g. I do put in clothes.

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