Condor GP aims (1)

This will be the first of a few posts about the CondorGP aims, as I hone my thinking, and how to express it.

Written once and with one edit:

  1. Demonstrate the power of genetic programming to deal with complex, non-linear data heavy problems, by trading on the financial markets
  2. Provide a positive income from this trading
  3. Provide this income in a stable way that can be perpetuated
  4. Achieve stable ongoing income by a design that minimises human input, hence minimising the subjectivity inherent in human input
  5. Provide this income for participants in our business model (e.g. investors, traders, licensees of our code)
  6. Provide this income for other parties, including myself and my family, and a broader socially focused group – in order to provide benefit to society
  7. Achieve these aims in a way that can be replicated so that we can multiply the process and achieve similar outcomes many times

I’ll follow up on the business model, of course, as we define it.

I’ll also follow up on the socially focused aims of CondorGP.

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