I cannot believe I’ve not posted on this yet


This is the 360 video Anna took in January 2018, on our first visit.


The views. They are important.

And the place has a pair of Apartmentos, in an old barn. Which we have been renting out.

Here are the Airbnb links: Casina Giranes and El Nido, both lovely little cottages, each with a woodburning stove. Whoop, whoop.

They look like this, at least on the outside:

Yep, you read it right. We bought this FANTASTIC place in February 2018, and got the keys in July 2018.

Here are some pictures of us repainting the inside of the main house. Enormous, enormous thanks to Eugene and Hannah. They own half the place now, as we’ve said to them.

And what the ‘great big room’ now looks like:

So, we had a party, with some of our new friends… It rained like fury that afternoon, but confusingly our various roofs didn’t seem to leak. Thanks to the thorough job Luisma and Susanna did.

Blogged Asturias 1st Party IMG_20180711_203158.jpg


And another picture, just because




we had to buy 4 TONS of firewood. Well, at least I was told that was 4 tons, I’ve still no idea – just took the picture so next time I’ve something to go on.



In summary, we are overwhelmingly pleased with the place and just want to spend more time out there.

And, as it turns out, our first child was timed pretty much as we signed the paperwork for this.

Conceived in late February 2018, due November 16th 2018. And will be late, no doubt… good on the little Monkey.

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