4 day week, here goes

This will be a short post, but marks a major milestone.

Tomorrow morning I will go in for my first day with Amey Strategic Consulting:

https://www.amey.co.uk/our-services/strategic-consulting/18 01 07 Amey SC front page BLOGGED

The work I’ll be involved with and leading on will be a similar Asset Management type consulting as before, with a heap more data analytics than at my previous firm, Capgemini Consulting UK.

A significant new element will also be an ongoing experiment to get a 4 day week working well for both Amey SC management and myself. The 4 day week will allow me to spend more time on the Genetic Programming work, which will be a pleasure.

The whole thing feels like a marvellous new leaf to be turning over this New Year 2018, and I intend to make the most of the opportunity.

Let’s see how it goes! Updates to follow.

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