I want to taste less wine

So, it’s been a while.

You can skip to the wine chat below, if you’d like. Right down at the end of this post. Or just scroll through and see the pictures. I’m showing off, so bear with me.

Stuff like this got in the way of me writing:

Memories of stuff like this La Presa de la Jocica. We’ve hiked up a tiny, windy, concrete road along the edge of some serious outcrops… And, finally, we saw this. The view scared the live out of me! This is the Asturias, but still, the point I’m trying to make is there were distractions.

Blogged IMG_20170706_185813 La Presa De La Jocica

Malargue, southern Mendoza province, in Argentina has this fantastic volcano “park”. And we got to stand and look over into a volcano mouth… There are 650 dormant volcanoes there.

Ok, I’ll stop, for now.

On Wine then

We’ve been back in the UK for a few weeks now, and I’ve already secured invites or been to a couple of wine tastings. More to come after these two, too.

Lea and Sandeman annual tasting 2017. Very fancy indeed, sat in on a Pinot Noir masterclass. They even did an awesome lunch.

Specialised Importer Trade Tastings, Autumn 2017. I went to the Bristol one. Big thanks to Lee Evans of Condor Wines for making sure I go, well worth it.

I’m going to give my opinion here, so bear in mind this is just me. And that I’m not entirely positive does not in any detract from the excellent people and fine time had. My point is pretty simple, no doubt you’ll understand.

Wine trade tastings sound great: Go, taste wine, enjoy. They’ve boatloads of delicious wine.

What’s the problem, I hear you ask? Answer: spitting wine. I.e. ‘tasting’, not ‘drinking’.

Spitting wine is no fun. More drinking it and enjoying it, please. With a focus on more drinking and just enjoying it. The aftermath should look like this. Wooden birds optional… Uco Valley self catering casa with woodburning stove recommended.

Blogged IMG_20170810_115925 40 wines birds optional.jpg

Maybe next time I’ll write how we did wine tasting.

Oh wow, that was a hefalump trap if ever there was one.


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