Minimum viable offer, then incremental augmentation

So, this is internal thinking, but I cannot see the harm in sharing it.

Posco Wine, which is the slightly odd name for our wine efforts – is one part of a wider whole of the Posco business. There are many parts to it, Posco Genetic Programming, Posco Asset Management, Posco Asturias. But let’s ignore that for now, and I will get around to explaining that later.

Our set up and objectives for Posco Wine are important for us both to understand, and knowing a little about them will help you as those potentially interested in what we are doing to grasp how much interest you will have.

Posco Wine Aims

Aims here…

  1. Provide in the UK well priced delicious Argentine wines
  2. Provide these via our own imports, and via other already-imported wines
  3. Provide them in three categories: Top Drop, Middle Way, Table Top
  4. Ensure as far as we can, our wines are great quality-to-value
  5. Make small consistent profits, to enable further efforts without undue burden
  6. Offer only wines from small Argentine producers
  7. Provide interesting and first-hand knowledge of the producers and wines
  8. Favour Argentine wine producers who have not previously exported
  9. Aim to provide a wider range of wines than the Argentine classic Malbec, e.g. Bonarda, Cabernet Franc, Chardonnay, Petit Verdot, Pinot Noir and Merlot

We understand that all of the above involves (much) more work than other potential approaches, and we have understood, accepted and will look work as described as it provides more interest, potentially much better long term results, and in the short term enhances our burgeoning knowledge of both the Uco Valley, and our Spanish.

Minimal viable offer, then incremental augmentation

So, on that basis, time to attempt to highlight the minimal viable offer and what augmentation I am referring to. Note, the augmentation below is just a few ideas, there is considerable space and a massive number of options for what augmentation means, and there is no rush on these until the MVO has been achieved and shown to work.

Minimal viable offer: Provide well-priced Argentine wine from small producers

Incremental Augmentation: Reach more producers, broaden our range wines, import ourselves, demonstrate

Our slogan is: “Failure must be delicious”

And finally, an amusing slogan that we identified some months ago. About 20 months ago, if not more.

Again, this slogan will need a bit more explanation than I can get to right now, let’s hope by the time I’ve written the above, there is time / mental energy to write a little under this slogan. >> Nope, the above was quite involving to draft, and tuning it is now the priority – you will have to wait / be mildly disappointed in the interim.


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