Mi segundo parilla el Viernes!

Wow, lots of pictures of the last few hours to share, look out.

My second parilla on a Friday, is perfect.

Blogged IMG-20170804-WA0005 cropped of Finca Ogawa Parilla Perfecto

So good.

Jon Ecklund showed me last time, and we shared too many bottles of wine. That was after I had guessed the basics correctly the first time I attempted it. His technique had a bunch more nuances though, of course. I’ll share them with you, in detail if you ask nicely (don’t misunderstand my jokes, please), if you get in touch.

Chimicurri, green bell pepper grilled and blackened. Cerdo steaks with crispy fatty edges. Mustardy chilli dressing for the cheesy polenta – in the pan, not tthat much clutter here to make use of! Grilled aubergines, courgettes, and roasted garlic.

Blogged IMG_20170804_211850 Our perfecto parilla numero dos

And my wife, Anna, remembered to give me the lot of walnut shells to burn (they grow lots and lots here, at Finca Ogawa), so they are smoking like crazy with the garlic still in there.

Muy rico! Delicisioso


Con los dos: Serbal 2016 Chardonnay, y Calathus 2013 Chardonnay. These two wines are both lightly oaked Chardonnays from the Uco Valley. The latter was ‘roble’, oaked, but is an older wine. Smells of bananas. Not possible, right?

The Catathus we were recommended at Tupungato Divino by the fantastic Senor Pablo. So we’ve not been there (yet!), but it’s a great and unusual wine. The vintage we had was a 2013, not common to get a 4 year old white.

The Serbal is from a French owned winery / bodega in the north of the Uco Valley, called Atamisque, which we visited on Thursday. Great place, with massive slate tile roof. We saw the mobile bottling machine in action – amazing stuff. Serbal is the entry level line of wines from Atamisque. We understood that you can reasonably easily find Serbal, Catalque and Atamisque (those are the names of the 3 lines) in London – and we will certainly look to get some from Laurie, the distributor.

Some of you reading this might be surprised that the first two wines we mention are whites, rather than the classic Argentinian Malbec. Well, turns out that Thursday night was a big one – hopefully we will explain the ‘heats’ at one point, just not yet… So this meant that reds, and lots of wine too, were off the table. We shared the Calathus over lunch, and then supper and then had a glass or two of the Serbal – to we could compare them.

Blogged IMG_20170805_102903 Posco Wine - Chardonnays

‘Parilla de Viernes’ certainly worked out as a ‘supper vision’ – Anna is into breakfast visions in particular at the moment, and boy are they good. “Well parilla-ed (now verb), Harford”, I am told. Boom.


One more thing. And this is out of context from all of the above, just that I was reading it as I encouraged the parilla fire to really get moving. I massively recommend page 42 of ‘The Personal MBA’. Cheap, very good book. Page 42 is spectacularly useful, especially long term. I won’t explain why, you may easily not agree anyway, but I’d say taking a 5 minute careful read of that page, and a little think might spark a few thoughts.


Disfrutatos todos, y gracias de hecho!

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