Finally, something to write about: wine and our wine plans

So, ok folks, small news for you, but alarming-fun-interesting news for me!

Time to write about….. wine and our wine plans.

Been a while in the brewing, mind, since we’ve looked to import wine from Argentina to the UK. We included the idea in our wedding gift list – some of you will remember that, and some brilliant ones amongst you lovely people even put in generously towards that.

Before I explain, a note on our attitude -it’s all about the enjoyment. See rose-coloured mountains… These we enjoyed.

So, Anna (my wonderful wife) and I have been to Argentina 3 times (tricera). As part of having fun and enjoying our lives, we want to come back here many times.

The wine is so good, the lifestyle is so good, the people are so good, and what started us coming here in the first place: the mountains and wilderness are so good.

We see the wine as a vehicle, delicious and enjoyable you’ll note too, to us being able to be in the Uco Valley, Neuquen or Salta more often as we spend married life together.

Besides, there is lots of Argentine wine in the UK, either cheap and not at all good, or quite pricey and thereby not for everyone, or certainly not regularly.

So essentially, the plan is to import delicious Argentine wine to London. We are looking to get home, at decent prices, the wonderful interesting and ever-so-quaffable wines from small independent producers. We always find these wines here, surely we can get them back to the UK?

So, here’s to us starting to take the “wine plans” not-at-all seriously. For example, my staying up from 0500hrs until 0800hrs to catch the mountains going rosy. Sure, stoking the fire, and coding away on my laptop kept me awake, but really you only do that kind of thing if you are having fun… The fire was in the room mind you, at Tupungato Divino (muy buen).

Over and out, for now.

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